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Request a student

Last year, students who self-declared as a person with a disability could apply to a targeted inventory under the Federal Student Work Experience Program. This year, we are extending the services we offer to all students who self-declare as Persons with Disabilities across the FSWEP inventory! We’ve also overhauled the process to make it easier than ever for hiring managers.

Managers should note that it is very important that you notify us of your new student employee’s professional contact information. This will help us to deliver the many tools and services we’ve developed to help make the process easier for all stakeholders.

Guides for Onboarding

We’ve developed a comprehensive Guide for Managers and Guide for Students tailored specifically toward rendering the onboarding process as simple as possible. It’s as easy as following the streamlined steps outlined in this specialized document we’ve created.

You may want to consult the onboarding documents from Treasury Board Secretariat for complete steps to onboarding. Find them and other tools and resources on our Resources for Managers and Resources for Students pages.

Workplace Accommodation

Accommodations for persons with disabilities are often very simple – for example, schedule adjustments, or additional software. In recognition of the crucial nature of these needs’ being met as quickly and completely as possible, Accessibility, Accommodation and Adaptive Computer Technology (AAACT) has agreed to provide priority service and training to students and hiring managers through the EOSD initiative. Simply add “EOSD” to the subject line in your e-mail asking for their services and they will fast-track your request. The earlier your request is sent, the smoother the transition for your new student employee, so contact AAACT if possible as early as 6 weeks before your student’s start date! AAACT can even work with the student’s educational institution’s evaluation to make sure that any workplace accommodation needs are met, resulting in an even smoother transition for you!

Where else can I find available candidates with disabilities?

Federal Internship Program for Canadians with Disabilities

This national program offers 2-year internships to Canadians with disabilities to help them develop their work skills and increase their employability in both the public service or in other organizations. The program aims to hire interns at the entry level in all classifications and across Canada. Participating departments can receive a 50% salary reimbursement for the internship period.

Other Public Service Commission Recruitment Streams

You can hire Persons with Disabilities from any of PSC’s candidate pools by simply selecting the “Persons with Disabilities” Employment Equity group checkbox on the request page. Some examples of PSC candidate pools include:

Recruitment Options for Hiring Managers - printable fact-sheet for managers