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Data Conference 2022: Driving Data Value and Insights for All Canadians, 23 + 24 February 2022

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Brought to you by Statistics Canada and the Canada School of Public Service with support from the GC Data Community

Networking missions for Data Conference 2022: Five steps to making new connections

Download your networking missions (PDF)

Along with exciting speakers sharing great ideas, meeting like-minded people who are also attending a conference makes for a great experience.

In a virtual space, we don’t bump into each other while waiting in line for coffee or when viewing a kiosk together at the same time.

When we’re all remote, we have to make an extra effort to meet new people. Here are some things you could try.

From 14 February to 4 March, how many connections could you make using these networking missions?

We’re hoping they’ll nudge you toward making meaningful connections and discovering the various types of work taking place across the GC that’s related to data.

  1. Get active with conference networking tools:
  2. (Re)Connect with 3 people you already know who are going to the conference
  3. Introduce yourself to 3 people who do the same thing you do at a different department or agency
  4. Find Data Conference attendees who do this kind of work:
    • ☐ Data visualizer/storyteller
    • ☐ Data scientist
    • ☐ Data engineer
    • ☐ Database administrator
    • ☐ Data analyst
    • ☐ Policy analyst
  5. Organize up to 3 coffee chats with people you met at the conference

Sign up for a chance to extend your professional networking with a GC executive

Here are the GC executives offering a chance for a 30-min networking session:

  • Anneke Auer-Olvera, Director, Programs & Operations, Standards Council of Canada
  • Neil Bouwer, Vice President, Canada School of Public Service
  • Kyle Burns, Director General, Public Sector Innovation, Canada School of Public Service
  • Benoit Deshaies, A/Director Data and Artificial Intelligence, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Tom Dufour, Director General, Strategic Data Management Branch, Statistics Canada
  • Ambereen Jamal-Rahim, A/Director Service Management and ICT Accessibility, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Kimberly Kargus, Director, Chief Data Office, Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Ling Lee, Director General, Strategic Management Directorate, Deputy CIO, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Elise Legendre, Director General, Chief Data Officer, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Pansy Leung, Director, Chief Data Officer Secretariat, Service, Innovation and Integration Branch, Canada Revenue Agency
  • André Loranger, Assistant Chief Statistician, Strategic Data Management, Methods and Analysis, Statistics Canada
  • Dr Joel Martin, Vice President Digital Technologies and Chief Digital Research Officer, National Research Council Canada
  • Steven Morgan, Director General, Access to Information and Privacy, Canada Revenue Agency
  • James Van Loon, Director General, Health Canada

Sign up here

Everyone’s eligible to sign up. Enter your name and contact information for a chance to be matched with a GC executive for a 30-minute networking session.

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