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Data Conference 2022: Driving Data Value and Insights for All Canadians, 23 + 24 February 2022

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Brought to you by Statistics Canada and the Canada School of Public Service with support from the GC Data Community

Statistics Canada’s Data Literacy Training Initiative

Data literacy is the ability to derive meaningful information from data. It focuses on the competencies involved in working with data including the knowledge and skills to read, analyze, interpret, visualize and communicate data as well as understand the use of data in decision-making.

Statistics Canada’s Census of Population next release April 27

A detailed statistical portrait of Canada and its people by their demographic, social and economic characteristics.

StatsCan app: Discover StatsCAN—our newest mobile application! Canada’s data story, right at your fingertips

This free app lets you tap into expert analysis, fun facts, visuals, short stories and insight that bring together data, tools and articles to provide you with the latest information on Canada's economy, society and environment.

2022 CANDEV Winners

This year’s CANDEV Data Challenge saw 50 creative prototype solutions to a number of current GC business problems, with the following students taking the Top 5 spots!

1st Place

  • Anne-Herty Génard
  • Andy Sabrina Guerrier
  • Christian Lubin
  • Yassine Sarifuddin

Challenge: Help employers analyze workplace equity data

Department: Employment and Social Development Canada

2nd Place

  • Stuart Shelley
  • Khuong Vinh Khang Tran
  • Gordon Tang

Challenge: Whales and ships: shall they never meet

Department: Fisheries and Oceans Canada

3rd Place

  • Maisha Abdullah
  • Shrimei Chock
  • Thanuja Sivaananthan

Challenge: Identify trees on Canadian croplands

Department: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

4th Place

  • Sebastien Andric
  • Lilliam Norori

Challenge: Increasing users’ ability to explore HR data

Department: Public Service Commission

5th Place

  • Ismael Diamoutene
  • Li Ji
  • Kevin Park
  • Abir Rahali

Challenge: Improving IT service delivery to federal departments

Department: Shared Services Canada

Digital Government Community Awards 2022

Deadline for nominations: 7 March 2022. These awards recognize digital excellence in the federal public service community and celebrate the community’s achievements. They highlight high impact initiatives, exceptional contributions, as well as best practices in implementing digital standards. The awards will be presented in May 2022.

Access to Information Innovation Showcase

3 March, 1:00 to 2:15 pm ET. From the Canada School of Public Service: Learn how innovative tools and practices can help streamline what can otherwise be a resource-intensive process.

Innovation and Evidence-Based Decision Making

14 March, 1:30 to 3:00 pm ET. From the Canada School of Public Service: Discover how increased evidence-based decision making has an impact on the role of government and how it could be implemented in a public service context. Find out how innovative approaches to policy design and impact measurement can lead to better evidence about what works and how best to serve Canadians.

Consultations on commitments for Canada’s 5th National Action Plan on Open Government closed on February 20

We encourage people to take a look at the commitments, co-developed with civil society, across the following themes: Open Data for Results; Fiscal, Financial and Corporate Transparency; Climate and Sustainable Growth; Strengthening Democracy and Protecting Civic Space; and Justice. There are many great examples across the commitments of the importance of open data in tackling fundamental issues. Many thanks to participating departments for their hard work. Visit for more information.

Treasury Board Secretariat will soon release a new Standard on Systems that Manage Information and Data under the Policy on Service and Digital

The new Standard will ensure that all government systems that manage information and data do so effectively and securely, ensuring that the information and data managed within those systems is findable, accessible, reusable, and interoperable. For more information on the draft Standard please visit the IM Toolkit on GCpedia.

New Canada School of Public Service Learning Catalogue

Discover the School’s new learning catalogue for an integrated look at all of the GC learning opportunities available to support your professional development.

Canada School of Public Service’s Digital Academy courses, including the Discover Data Series

An introduction to data in the Government of Canada: Discover how the data revolution is shaping government today and how the effective use of data creates opportunities to improve programs and services for Canadians.

Canada School of Public Service event: Defining the Needs and Priorities of the GC Data Community

29 March, 1:30 to 3:00 pm ET. From data linkage projects to data science applications, the federal public service is building skills and implementing new strategies to harness the power of data to improve decisions and operations. But as technology advances and expectations rise, what are the public service's greatest needs and biggest opportunities when leveraging this data? The GC Data Community was created to connect, engage and support the growing community of data practitioners across the federal government. This community engagement event is an opportunity to gather input on future directions and to hear about the latest initiatives and priorities. Join this event to connect with leading data community members, and participate in live-polls to shape future directions on data literacy, innovation and the ethical use and sharing of data.

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