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Application Portfolio Management (APM)

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  • TBS Report on the State of Aging IT (2010) affirmed that Application Portfolio Management is not consistently practiced GC-wide, thereby supporting the need for a formalized approach for the management of applications.
  • 75% reside in the back-office, many are home-grown, solve the same business needs and do not leverage enterprise opportunities
  • Efficiencies can be realized by consolidating and standardizing back-office applications in order to redirect resources towards the renewal of aging systems & towards government priorities

GC Applications InventoryEdit

List of GC applications based on departmental reporting.

Strategy ComponentsEdit

APM Strat Components.png

Expected OutcomesEdit

  • Improve the maturity of application portfolio management practices across government to provide a holistic view of the GC applications landscape and related risks and investments
  • Support government-wide strategies on the renewal & ever-greening of aging applications that are both economical and ensure the continuity of services to Canadians
  • Implement multi-year investment planning for applications that is interlocked with corporate risk and investment planning to direct investments towards government priorities

APM to focus IT investments to best meet business objectives, with an acceptable level of risk and at a reasonable cost.

Useful LinksEdit

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