3D printing Center of Excellence

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This is group is a multi departmental group of public servants who are 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals.


Our primary mode of collaborations is O365 Teams Chat, this wiki page is just the public facing side of the group. In Teams we have a chat channel dedicated for 3D Printing. If you'd like to join our community and your not a member of Shared Services Canada please send us email(address below). A guest account will be setup for you.


[3D Printing Group&body=Hello, I would like to join the 3D printing COE.|ssc.3dprintingcoe-cdimpression3d.spc@canada.ca] .

Link to Channel

If you're already a member of the SSC, you can join the channel using the link below.

Join #3DPrinting


The goals of this group is to :

  • Promote collaboration with like minded individuals.
  • Encourage the growth of the 'Maker' culture in the Public Service.
  • Collaborate and troubleshoot on issues related to 3D printing and 'making'
  • Grow and foster a healthy community.