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The Voluntary Sector Initiative (VSI) was a five-year joint initiative between the Government of Canada and the voluntary sector, launched in June, 2000. The VSI focussed on strengthening the relationship between the sector and the government, and enhancing the capacity of the voluntary sector. The VSI resulted in the provision of new information and tools that are practical, realistic and accessible to all voluntary-sector organizations, especially those that are small and medium-sized. Major outcomes of the VSI included the following:

Accord and Codes: In December 2001, the Accord Between the Government of Canada and the Voluntary Sector was signed, articulating principles intended to govern the relationship between the government and the sector. In addition, two codes of "good practice" were launched in October 2002. The Code of Good Practice on Policy Dialogue established guidelines that allow the Government of Canada, and the voluntary sector, to engage in an open, informed and sustained dialogue. This dialogue permits the sector to contribute its experience, expertise, knowledge and ideas to the development of better public policies and to the design and delivery of programs. The purpose of the Code of Good Practice on Funding is to guide interactions between the Government of Canada and the voluntary sector on funding policies and practices.

Human Resources Sector Council for the Voluntary Sector: As part of the Sector Council Program, Human Resources and Social Development Canada launched the Human Resources Council aimed at the community non-profit sector. The Human Resources Council is an independent, non-profit organization that provides leadership on issues related to paid employment in the community non-profit sector. It brings sector employers and employees together to work collaboratively on research, strategies and action.

Task Force on Community Investments (TFCI): In early 2005, Human Resources and Social Development Canada created the TFCI to examine federal practices and policies related to the use of transfer payments and the funding of horizontal initiatives in support of community investments. As funding and financial issues underpinned much of the VSI work, the research and findings contained in the report point to the need for greater coherence and consistency across the federal government. 

(Reference: "From Red Tape to Clear Results" The Report of the Independent Blue Ribbon Panel on Grant and Contribution Programs - page 10)