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Data Science Communities of Practice - UseR!

This page provides the list of discussions organized by the GCcollab's R4GC (Use R!) community. Please consider contributing to those discussions by joining this community and participating in community's weekly "Lunch and Learn Data Science with R" meetups.
  • R4GC community "Lunch and Learn Data Science with R" weekly meetups : (NB: you need to join the "Lunch and Learn Data Science with R" meetups group to access recordings of these sessions)
    • 12 Nov - 19 Nov 2021: Text Analysis with R follow-up / Converting codes to Shiny App
    • 8 Oct 2021: Text Analysis with R. Part 1: identifying near-duplicate documents
    • 1 Oct 2021: Shiny App to summarize very large, high-dimensional tables (code & app provided)
    • 30 Jul - 17 Sep 2021: Geo/Spatial coding and visualization with R. (code provided)
    • 16 Jul 2021: Dual Coding - Python and R unite ! (code provided)
    • 9 Jul 2021: Exploring ggplots (recording, code provided)
    • 2 Jul 2021: Parsing GC Tables (code provided)
    • 25 Jun 2021: Using the Open Government Portal API within R (recording, code on
    • 21 Apr 2021: Analyzing PSES results using R and Shiny
    • 16 Apr - 15 May 2021: Building R packages (recording, codes provided)