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Did you already attend one of the virtual training Live events? Want to watch short videos (each under 3min) on basic features of Microsoft Teams or just want to rehash a certain function that was demonstrated on the Live event? But, does your approved version of Teams connect with Secure Remote Access (SRA) only?

There are basic training videos built right in the Teams desktop app under Teams > Help > Training (Help is found in the lower left corner of the app window) and having these baked-in makes them very accessible - the Live event on June 3 even pointed to these for supplemental learning afterwards. However, these Training resources and most of the Help features actually require an active network connection to function. My branch, like some or many others out there under SharedServices, has an approved version of Teams connected through SRA on work-approved devices only. With ongoing awareness and reminders to try to be conscious of SRA bandwidth consumption, we all should try to minimize network impact when/whenever feasible. So, watching any videos within Teams over SRA should probably be avoided. The Training subset of Help does not even display after SRA is disconnected on my work approved version of Teams, but others may have different experiences.

Fear not as the Teams training videos can also be viewed in a web browser on a personal device by click the Teams icon on this page: Although I do not vouch that these web videos are all identical to those under Teams > Help > Training, the titles and icons between them are pretty much matching that it's probably a safe bet on being the same content. The Microsoft 365 (M365) Training page also lists other resources like helpful tips or printouts of shortcuts and not just for Teams, but other M365 apps, too. So, you can also brush up on other basics or helpful tips for any of the different M365 apps you use - especially handy if you learn by rote and repetition (like I do) as you control what feature or function content to check or recheck depending on your expertise or familiarity. Best to check with your supervisor on any work time spent on M365 Training or whether to add any extra refresher or developmental training to your Individual Learning Plan.

Don't think that I forgot about French users - French training videos are also available to view in a web browser here: Alternately, browse to the English site listed above and then scroll down to the very bottom of the page to click the globe icon in order to change the language(location) option. Once the page refreshes the language choice, you can continue to click the Teams icon for training videos or any of the other French training resources you wish to explore at M365 Training.

NOTE : I have not checked any other languages options offered on or, so I'm not sure whether choosing languages other than English(Canada) or French(Canada) will have video narration/captions in that chosen language. I did briefly browse the French content and found the Teams training videos had French narration and captions.