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14-05-2020 Framework for planning and executing core business system modernization programs:

13-05-2020 subscribe to the Stratosphère Cloud YouTube Channel

11-05-2020 !! A new model for funding calculations is currently being developed and will be ready for utilization by June 2020

06-05-2020 - Here you'll find a collection of various M365-related training products to support public servants from across the GC.

24-04-2020 - visit the, Everything you need to know for Cloud & DevOps

Join the Cloud and Computing Network of Expertise, they are committed to designing services that are easy to consume, transparently priced, and respond to departments’ priorities and needs. This network of expertise provides advice, guidance, and endorsement on various enterprise direction on Cloud and Infrastructure to ensure that horizontal cloud and infrastructure adoption and implementation initiatives are aligned with enterprise strategic priorities, and that appropriate monitoring and oversight is in place to achieve timely implementation. Join the group for Digital Worplace Network of Expertise


Going forward, as we improve on our processes and as a project management best practice in alinement with the Policy on the Planning and Management of Investments (, we will require departments to fill out a business case to help provide context for the investment decision, to define viable options and recommended decisions which would describe benefits, cost, risks, timeframe, change requirements, impact on stakeholder etc. Please contact us if you wish to see an example of this template filled out.

Nicole Koch