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 Welcome to Treasury Board of Canada’s Black Employees Network Wiki Page

This page is a public wiki hosted by Treasury Board of Canada’s (TBS) Black Employees Network (B.E.N.) to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The TBS Black Employees Network Group on GCconnex, provides a safe space to discuss barriers faced by Black employees and to have real conversations about inclusion, anti‑Black racism and discrimination.

B.E.N. provides a unique opportunity to be part of a forum to reflect upon the reality of racism and discrimination in the workplace. We all have a role to play in dismantling anti-Black racism in the GC and in Canada.

To all public servants: we encourage you to join us in taking a stand. Join the Black Employees Network Group on GCconnex, and explore the resources, events and announcements posted on this page.

⭐ Government of Canada Resources

- Three tips for creating a network for Black employees within your department

- The TBS Black Employees' Network Glossary (in progress)

- The Canada School of Public Service’s panel on Understanding Anti-Black Racism and How to be an Ally

- The Glossary of Terms from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation

- Status of Women Canada: Guide for Planning Inclusive Events

- Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy.

- Statistics Canada Diversity of the Black population in Canada: An overview

⭐ Anti-Black Racism Resources:

- Federal Black Employee Caucus (FBEC) - Resource Guide

- Welcome to Black Canada: How to take action

- Anti-Racism Resource Guide

- Anti-racism Resources

- Things You Should Know (Read, Listen, Research and Donate to) in Becoming a White Ally

- Edmonton Anti-Black racism tool kit

- Anti-Racism and Unlearning Resources

- Anti-Racist Tools

- Racial Equity Tools

⭐ Featured Community: Federal Black Employee Caucus

The Federal Black Employee Caucus (FBEC) supports efforts at the national, regional, and local levels to address issues faced by Black federal public servants.

FBEC’s two objectives are to:

- Collect disaggregated employment equity data to better understand where Black federal public servants are employed and what’s happening to them.

- Support the mental health of Black employees by working together to reduce harassment and discrimination in the workplace.