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Team suggestions for presentations on modeling with Qualiware and Archimate.

Modeling (general)

  • Presentation of SSC Business Capability Model (BCM) (30 minutes)
    • How expected to be used by SSC Management
    • Why important to link to the BCM when modeling.
    • How to link to BCM capabilities.


  • Qualiware governance, including version control and promotion of models from private workspace (1 - 1.5 hours)
  • Qualiware reporting (Web, "print", catalogs, matricies) (1 hour) [Done - 8 May 2019]


  • ESPA Business Architecture model "Hot Dog Cart" example. [Done - 16 Sept 2019]
  • Application/Technology layer modeling
  • Linking Services to BCM, and BCM to Motivation layer
  • Motivation layer