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|width= "12.5%" rowspan="8" style="background-color:#DEEAF6;"| <b>Registration <br>Parliamentary Foyer<br> 8:00-16:30</b> || width= "12.5%" style="background-color:#FBE4D5;"|<b>Vendor Exposition <br> Canada Hall 3 (capacity 600) <br> 9:30-10:30</b> || width= "12.5%" style="background-color:#F9F9F9;"|<b>Invest in Canada's CRM Journey</b><br> <i>Tracy Reid</i><br> <i>001</i> <br> <b>Room 202 – Cloud Adoption (capacity 110) <br>9:30-10:30</b>|| width= "12.5%" style="background-color:#FFF2CC;"| <b>How to Draw an Owl - A pragmatic approach to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery</b><br> <i>Calvin Rodo</i> <br> <i>013</i> <hr> <b>Kubernetes + containers ecosystem, CNCF, Security with Istio Service Mesh, KNative and Serverless, Open Policy Agent</b><br> <i>Willian Hearn</i><br> <i>012</i><br> <b>Room 203 – DevOps (capacity 120)</b><br> <b>9:30-10:30</b> || width= "12.5%" style="background-color:#E2EFD9;"| <b>Jumping into the cloud - falling through or a solid landing?</b><br> <i>Elizabeth Rhodenizer</i><br> <i>014</i><br> <b>Room 204 – Culture and Change (capacity 100)</b><br> <b>9:30-10:30</b>|| width= "12.5%" style="background-color:#F7DCF0;"| <b>Leading the Change – "Real Time" Panel Discussion</b><br> <i>Mike Murphy</i><br> <i>023</i> <br> <b>Room 212 – Leading the change (capacity 100)</b><br> <b>9:30-10:30</b>|| width= "12.5%" style="background-color:#E5D7F7;"| <b>Cloud Intake Process</b><br> <i>Sean Kibbee</i><br> <b>Room 209 – Hands on learning with CSPS’ digital academy (capacity 90)</b><br> <b>9:30-10:30</b>||width= "12.5%" rowspan="23" style="background-color:#D9F4F0;"| <b>Architecture in an agile/DevOps enterprise</b><br> <i>Floyd Pushelberg, Cole Cioran and Ross Castillo</i><br> <b>Room 211 (capacity 80)</b><br> <b>9:30 - 1012:30</b>
| style="background-color:#FBE4D5;" colspan="6"| <b>Coffee Break & Vendor Exposition</b><br><b>Canada Hall 3 (capacity 600)</b><br> <b>10:30-11:30</b>

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