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<div style="width:80%; margin: 0 0 15px 8px">{{Main page box (left)|border-color=#005172|background=#005172|colour=white| title= <span style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 18pt; color: white">The OL Connection: August 2020</span>||content=
[[File:3.LDD-2020-Web-banner EN.PNG|200px300px|thumb|leftcenter|]]<b><u>August 2020September 10 is Linguistic Duality Day!</u> #JDL2020LDD</b><br> <b><u>Armchair discussion</b></u><br>To celebrate Linguistic Duality Day, the Council of the Network of Official Languages Champions and the Canada School of Public Service are hosting a virtual talk: Official Languages in the Era of Telework. During this webcast, we will explore the challenges that this shift raises in terms of linguistic duality and discuss the opportunities it offers institutions to support English and French. <br>Register now on the Canada School of Public Service [ website] or at {{em|csps.learningevents-evenementsdapprentissage.}}. <br><b><u>Promotional material</b></u><br>The Council of the Network of Official Language Champions collaborated with the Language Portal of Canada to develop bold visuals (like the header above!) that you can use in your organization’s communications and events to celebrate Linguistic Duality Day. You can find the material in this [[Media: | folder.]] <br><b><u>Activities to celebrate Linguistic Duality Day</b></u><br>Short on ideas for celebrating Linguistic Duality Day in your institution? Why not try some of the ideas below? <br><ul><li>Recruit speakers and organize a videoconference on official languages</li><li>Organize a second-language dictation contest (your Deputy Minister could read the text to write down!)</li><li>Interview your institution’s employees as part of a vox pop on linguistic duality</li><li>Ask your champion to write a message or blog post; or invite him/her to participate in a virtual interview</li><li>Give an award to employees who have distinguished themselves in the promotion or use of English or French</li><li>Develop a quiz on the history of your institution or publicize the one the Commissioner of Official Languages will release in September</li><li>Include games from the [ Language Portal of Canada] in your institution’s celebration program</li><li>Promote the virtual talk Official Languages in the Era of Telework</li></ul><br><b><u>How is your organization celebrating?</b></u><br>Let us know in the discussion thread on the Community of Official Languages [ GCcollab] page and on Twitter using the tag #JDL2020LDD! <br>
<b><u>Consultation Corner</b></u><br><b><i>Did you know that the [ Official Languages (Communications with and Services to the Public) Regulations] specifies two scenarios that oblige federal institutions to consult with official language minority communities? </b></i>< <br>Following-up on our request for testimonials sent on August 4, the Official Languages Centre of Excellence is looking for feedback from federal institutions that have consulted with language minority communities in the last 10 years. This information-gathering initiative will help the Regulations team to develop tools that will make it easier and more efficient for you to conduct such consultations in the future. <br>[ Click here] to learn more about the circumstances that require an institution to consult. <br>Have something to share? [ Please take a few moments to complete our survey and tell us about your experience!]<br> We look forward to discussing this initiative with you at the August 26, 2020, virtual meeting on official languages. <br>
<b><i>[[Media:Newsletter_-_August_2020_--_Infolettre_-_aout_2020.pdf|View this publication in PDF.]]</b></i><br>

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