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Community of Official Languages/Consultation Corner

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The <span style="color:#3095B4;"> [ <i><b>Official Languages (Communications with and Services to the Public) Regulations</i></b>]</span> are the instrument for applying Part IV of the <span style="color:#3095B4;"> [ <i><b>Official Languages Act.</i></b>]</span> They enable institutions to determine whether a federal office must provide its services in English, in French, or in both official languages. <br>
The Regulations and the <span style="color:#3095B4;"> [ <i></>Directive on the Implementation of the Official Languages (Communications with and Service to the Public) Regulations</i></b>]</span> prescribe two scenarios where an institution must communicate with official language minority communities: <br>
<b>1. When applying the principle of proportionality</b> <br>

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