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'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[[Media:Non-Imperative_Staffing_Tool.docx |Non-Imperative Staffing Tool]]</span>'''
: XX Non-imperative staffing is a staffing procedure for a bilingual position that allows the consideration of applicants who meet all the essential qualifications except the required language skills.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[[Media:Best_Practices_Digest_-_Advancement_of_English_and_French.pdf|Best Practices Digest: Advancement of English and French]]</span>'''
: XXLooking for best practices to promote English and French? Canadian Heritage has prepared a compendium of best practices drawn from the Official Languages Reviews (Part VII) of several federal institutions. The examples deal specifically with the promotion of English and French in Canadian society.

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