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k. To comply with national regulations of the country of the satellite owner with respect to further distribution of the Product to prohibited entities or countries when provided in writing from the Licensor.
== FAQ ==
=== I am not part of the Government of Canada, but I want access to NMSO-CSI imagery. What am I entitled to ? ===
Strictly speaking, as the NMSO-CSI is a standing offer between the Government of Canada and providers, Goc departments are not allowed to order imagery on behalf of other entities e.g. provinces, territories, universities. However, if you are working with a federal department and imagery is required in support of joint-initiative toward a GoC departmental mandate, then this is what the levels 1 and above are exactly in place for.
=== I received an email from an NMSO commercial satellite provider (CSP). How do I download my NMSO data (Government of Canada only) ===
Once an NMSO CSP delivers data to NRCan, a government employee can
# Verify you have a GC account on EODMS
# Verify you have NMSO access on that account per [ EODMS Account Approvals for Government and Special Access]
# Do a simple search as per above:
# For *Download Only* (data that EODMS cannot yet load e.g. PLEIADES) proceed directly to and enter their EODMS username/password. After that the data can be found using the following convention:<department>/<satellite>/<sensor> (e.g.

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