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= EODMS APIs (and automation) =
EODMS is has several options for API Access and automation i.e. Machine 2 Machine. To find more GC APIs, visit the GC API site.
As part of the [ Directive on Open Government], the Government of Canada is committed to improving its [ #OpenData] posture. EODMS API access aims to promote practices per the [ GC Standards on APIs]
== OpenSearch API (for RADARSAT-1 and NAPL) ==
Dans le cadre de la [ Directive sur la gouvernance ouverte], le gouvernement du Canada s'est engagé à améliorer sa [https: // #OpenData] posture. API EODMS [ Normes du GC sur les API]
== API OpenSearch (pour RADARSAT-1 et NAPL) ==

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