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* APPENDIX E TO ANNEX A - Designated Government FTP/SFTP directory path to deliver Product Delivery Package
The Offeror must use the Designated Government FTP directory structure to deliver the Product Delivery Package.
<sensor> is sensor name (to be defined at issuance of NMSO),
=== License Details ===
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|Base + Military and Defence related organizations of foreign countries with which Canada is involved in international duties (example: United Arab Emirates forces in Afghanistan). The list of foreign countries will vary depending on the operations involved. The list of countries will be provided to the Offeror for country list approval prior to sharing.  An addendum to the license shall list the countries approved for sharing.
=== B 6.1 Product ===
The Licensor grants the Licensee for the Duration of the License a limited, non-transferable royalty free, irrevocable worldwide, non-exclusive license to use the Product and Derived Product and any accompanying written materials provided to the Licensee by the Licensor and any Derived Product, solely for the following uses:
a. To make an unlimited number of soft and hard copies of the Product for the internal use of Licensee;
b. To distribute to Licensee’s employees, agents, consultants or contractors or both contractors and subcontractors, who are under a duty of confidentiality no less restrictive than Licensee’s duty hereunder, the Product or copies of the Product by either a physical delivery medium or using a computer data network with access control mechanisms protecting the Product from unauthorized access;
c. To store, post or process the Product in a system including access control mechanisms protecting the Product from unauthorized access;
d. To share with the entities named in the License Class the Product or copies of the Product without restriction except for the requirement to provide copyright notice with the Product or copies of the Product;
e. To release for publication, with copyright notice, print or display representations or both of imagery from the Product, to publish or have published these in research reports, journals, trade papers, posters, or similar publications for purposes consistent with the mandates of the Licensee;
f. To reformat the Product for the Licensee’s use into different formats or media from those in which the Product is delivered;
g. To create or have consultants, contractors or both contractors and subcontractors create Derived Products, Other Derived Products or Information Products from the Product;
h. To make the Product available to its consultants or contractors or both contractors and subcontractors for purposes otherwise consistent with the uses detailed in this License Agreement and subject to the restrictions herein, and without the right of the consultants or contractors or both contractors and subcontractors to transfer or sublicense;
i. To analyze the system properties or adapt the Product for research purposes only. Any information, so determined, will be held confidential by the Licensee and would only be shared outside the Government of Canada according to the entities identified in this License Agreement or after obtaining further written permission of the Licensor for entities not identified in this License Agreement;
j. To share as needed when deemed by the Licensee to be a concern of Canadian National security; and,
k. To comply with national regulations of the country of the satellite owner with respect to further distribution of the Product to prohibited entities or countries when provided in writing from the Licensor.
== FAQ ==

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