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Community of Official Languages/Tools/Language of work

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Here are some In this section, you will find tools to help you fulfill your official languages requirements with regard to language responsibilities under Part V of workthe <i>Official Languages Act</i>.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Determining the linguistic profile of bilingual positions]</span>'''
: Use If you’re a manager or supervisor with a bilingual position to staff, this tool resource will tell you how to determinewhat language level may be required... 
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Qualification Standards in Relation to Official Languages]</span>'''
: Staffing helpThis resource describes the proficiency levels that are used to indicate abilities in a second official language.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Official languages rights in bilingual regions]</span>'''
: Find out what Here’s a great quick reference guide to help employees and supervisors in bilingual regions respect their rights you and your employees have as public servants working obligations in a bilingual regionthe workplace.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ English and French in the workplace]</span>'''
: Help This resource will inform you of your language rights and responsibilities to help promote a truly bilingual workplace.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Bilingual meetings]</span>'''
: Here are Need some tips help on how to help organize and conduct a bilingual meeting? This resource has you run bilingual meetingscovered!
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Leaders make it happen in both official languages]</span>'''
: Do Are you have a supervisory rolemanager working in a bilingual region? Here are some tips is a checklist to help you foster bilingualism in the encourage a bilingual workplace.

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