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EARB Forward Agenda

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<div style="color: black; padding: 5px; border: 1px solid teal;"><b>Government of Canada users may access related materials through the [ GC Connex EARB Working Group]</b></div>
<div style="color: black; padding: 3px; text-align:right; font: arial;">This page was last updated on June 1421, 2019</div><!-- Table start -->{|{|class="wikitable sortable" style="width:100%;" |+ class="nowrap" | <div style="font-size: 1.2em; text-align: left;">June 19, 2019 - <span style="color:red;">FULL</span></div>! Item for Presentation!! Presenter!! Purpose|-| width=50% | Canada.CA Search Engine || width=25% | ESDC/TBS || width=25% | Endorsement|-| Electronic Procurement System (ePS) - Centralized Vendor Codes|| PSPC|| Endorsement|-| Accessible Information Communication Technology (ICT) - Policy Implementation || TBS|| Endorsement|-| Search & Rescue Mission Management System (SMMS) || DND || Endorsement|-| GC Mainframe Strategy || TBS || Endorsement |-| Contract Policing Enhanced Reporting (CPER) - SAP/HANA|| RCMP || Endorsement |-| Summit Accreditation System (SAS) - Exemption from Signin Canada || GAC|| Exemption|}<!-- Table end -->
<!-- Table start -->

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