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Rima Sakr

Rima Sakr

I am a lifelong learner, I hold a bachelor degree in Business administration, a diploma in Tourism Foundation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and other certificates . I have facilitated the course B336 : Collaborating using GCconnex and GCpedia with the Canada School of Public service (CSPS) . I have occupied various managerial positions abroad and many administrative positions within the public service. I have a positive attitude towards life and can take whatever life throws at me, I thrive in a culture of change and continuous improvement, very flexible in the way I work and think. I work currently with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada in the Director General office of the Research and Evaluation Branch, and happy to contribute to its success.

Je suis une apprenante à vie, je détiens un baccalauréat en administration des affaires, un diplôme en Fondation de Tourisme de l'Association du transport aérien international (IATA) et d'autres certificats. J'ai occupé de divers postes de gestionnaires à l'étranger et de nombreux postes administratifs au sein de la fonction publique. J'ai une attitude positive envers la vie et prospère dans une culture de changement et d'amélioration continue. J'ai facilité le cours (B336) La Collaboration avec GCconnex et GCpédia qui a était offert par l’école de la fonction publique en 2016 et présentement Je travaille au sein du département Immigration, Refugiés et Citoyenneté Canada , au bureau du directeur général de la branche recherche et évaluation et je suis heureuse de pouvoir contribuer à son succès.

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  • Bachelor of Science Degree
  • IATA / UFTAA Diploma
  • Computer Business Application Certificate
  • Ticketing & Reservations - Certificate
  • German Language Level 1 Certificate

Professional Development

  • The Art & Science of Participation ( ICA Associates - Aug 2017)
  • Group Facilitation Methods ( ICA Associates - Nov 2016)
  • Meeting that works( ICA Associates - Nov 2016)
  • Skills for Effective Presentation ( PMC training - Oct 2016)
  • Facilitation Skills ( Center for Continuing Education / Ottawa U - May 2016 )
  • Train the Trainer : Course B336 (CSPS - May 2016)
  • Social Media Strategies & Tactics (Sprott School Of Business / Carlton U - Sept 2015)
  • Think on your feet Workshop ( TBS - March 2015 )
  • Writing Emails with expertise ( CSPS - Oct 2014)
  • Social media in the government of Canada (CSPS - July 2014)
  • Writing essentials seminar (business Writing for results - June 2014)
  • New travel management system (CIC - Apr 2014)
  • Financial Management Control Frameworks (CSPS - Feb 2014)
  • Revised Delegation Instrument (CIC - Nov 2013)
  • Project Management (CSPS – Oct 2013)
  • Government Planning, Budgeting, Reporting, and The Evaluation Cycle (CSPS – June 2013)
  • Oral Presentation (CIC- May 2013)
  • Developing Work Plans And Budgets (CSPS - Nov 2012)
  • Staffing for Staffing Specialist Part 2 (CSPS - Mar 2012)
  • Staffing for Staffing Specialist Part 1(CSPS - Feb 2012)
  • QP Note Course (CIC - Sept 2011)
  • How Ottawa Works (CSPS - Jul 2011)
  • Writing clear and Concise (CSPS - Nov 2010)
  • Administrative Assistant Maximizing Your Role (CSPS - Sep 2010)