Qualiware to Archimate Inheritence Map

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As of May 7, 2019, in Qualiware X, the following archimate objects inherit properties (attributes) from the following QualiWare objects:

Archimate template Inherits from QualiWare template
ApplicationCollaboration SystemComponent
ApplicationComponent InformationSystem
ApplicationEvent Event
ApplicationFunction ApplicationFunctionality
ApplicationInterface Interface
ApplicationProcess Process
ApplicationService Service
BusinessActor Actor
BusinessEvent BusinessEvent
BusinessFunction BusinessFunction
BusinessObject BusinessObject
BusinessProcess BusinessProcess
BusinessRole Role
Capability Capability
CommunicationNetwork Network
Contract Contract
CourseOfAction StrategicDecision
DataObject DataObject
DistributionNetwork ProductionLine
Equipment Equipment
Facility WorkCenter
Goal Goal
ImplementationEvent Milestone
Location Location
Material Product
Principle BusinessRule
Product Product
Requirement Requirement
Resource Resource
Stakeholder Stakeholder
SystemSoftware Software
TechnologyEvent Event
TechnologyInterface Interface
TechnologyProcess Activity
TechnologyService Service