Quality Policy (CNSC Laboratory Calibration Services)

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Author: Aslam Ibrahim

Laboratory Quality Policy

CNSC senior management and Laboratory management are committed to always achieving a high level of quality in calibrating radiation instruments to provide reliable measuring, monitoring, and detection of radiation fields for our customers.

Continuous training is provided to enable every member of staff to be committed to our customers’ satisfaction and competent in delivery of their services.

Adequate resources are provided and relevant controls are implemented in the quality process to ensure continuous improvement in the management system and to achieve business excellence.

Laboratory Quality Policy Statement

CNSC LSD is committed to providing the highest possible quality and reliability of radiation instrumentation services to CNSC staff and other federal and provincial organizations for purposes of inspections, training and other compliance and independent monitoring exercises.

Our Quality Policy Statement shall be reviewed during the management meetings and is issued under the authority of senior management – DG, DERPA.   The following are the key policy statements:

a. Management is committed to good Laboratory practice and to producing reproducible, reliable test and calibration results.

b. Laboratory service shall be prompt, reliable and courteous.

c. Laboratory personnel shall understand and apply the requirements of the management system.

d. Laboratory personnel are required to be familiar with the management system documents and implement in the policies and procedures.

e. Laboratory personnel shall be trained and qualified in Laboratory techniques, quality procedures and protocols.

f. Management is committed to compliance with International Standard ISO/IEC 17025 and will continuously improve the effectiveness of its management system.

This LMS manual provides evidence of commitment to the development and implementation of the management system and to continuously improving its effectiveness.

This LMS manual communicates to all Laboratory personnel concerning the importance of meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Laboratory Quality Objectives

The quality objectives of the Laboratory are:

• To ensure that our services meet our client’s satisfaction and where possible exceed their expectations

• To target continuous improvement of the services supplied

• To communicate our policies, strategies and objectives to relevant parties

Performance indicator: the Laboratory calibration shall start from instrument receipt until close-out of the Service Request.

a. field equipment loan requests are answered within two business days

b. complaints received from customers are less than 1 complaint per year

Aims and Structure of Management System

The aims of the Laboratory’s management system are to comply with its Quality Policy and achieve Quality Objectives via the establishment of a systematic and effective management system fulfilling the relevant requirements of the SCC PALCAN, and the NRC CLAS to meet the mandate of the CNSC.