QualiWare Shortcuts/Key Macros

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Close QLM session F4
Copy Ctrl C
Cut Ctrl X
Drag and Drop Alt click drag
Help F1
HTML generate Ctrl H
Interrupt Esc
Paste Ctrl V
Print Ctrl P
Redo Ctrl Y
Select All Ctrl A
Spell check F6
Spell check language Shift F6
Undo Ctrl Z

Diagram Editor

Add/remove space in diagram Ctrl Shift drag ARROW
Align selected objects J
Align symbol size S
Attributes of selected symbol L
Delete symbol from diagram delete (does not delete from repository)
Sow selected symbols Shift D
Export Ctrl E
Find symbol current diagram Ctrl F
Grid - show Ctrl G
Object Editor open Enter or B
Move selection ARROWS (shift to move faster)
Recently opened diagram list Shift B
Refresh screen F5
name objecte F2
Reuse object Ctrl L
Select multiple symbols Shift (hold & choose)
Select multiple symbols Ctrl (hold & choose)
Straighten connectors Space
User information Shift W
Zoom 100% print size 1
Zoom to see all objects Shift Z
Zoom in Ctrl scroll mouse up
Zoom in Shift .
Zoom out Shift ,
Zoom selective Z

Text Editor

Remove formatting Ctrl N
Bold Ctrl B
Drawing insert Ctrl D
Find text Ctrl F
Find next F3
Hyperlink insert Ctrl L
Italic Ctrl I
Normal font Ctrl N
Table insert Ctrl T
Text editor Open/Close F8
Underline Ctrl U

Repository Explorer

Delete object(s) from repository Delete
Rename object F2
Save Repository Ctrl S

QualiWare Command Language

Help QCL command syntax F1
Multiple command line Alt F5
Multiple command line, Run, Check, ... Shift F5
Single command line Ctrl F5

Revisions & Language

Previous revision Alt 1
List revisions Alt 2
Next revision Alt 3
Default revision select Alt 4
Language variant list Alt 5

The above lists origionallyprepared by Bob Boisvert in a presentation for the QualiWare North America User Conference (10 February, 2015).