QualiWare Hints and Tips

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Promoting from Private Workspaces

Connector management

  • Selecting and object or connector and hitting SPACE will often reroute and/or straighten a line.
  • Stubborn lines can sometimes be fixed by clicking another line first, and hitting SPACE, and THEN attempting the same on a stubborn line.
  • Clicking CTRL and selecting an end-point with your mouse will allow you to move the endpoint of the connector to another object.
  • Changing connection styles (angle, straight, etc...)
    • [Add instructions here]

Display The Missing/Hidden ArchiMate Layer Entities/Symbols/Things

  • Right-click within blank/white space of your ArchiMate Viewpoint,
    • Select Actions
    • Select Extended syntax

Managing ugly nested relationships

  • When you are nesting processes in a larger process or function box, you can still make aggregation and/or composition relations without showing the connections. Make your relationships first between the objects, and then, go to "Tools" and select "Hide Nested Relations". You may have to subsequently hit F5 (refresh) and/or move the superior function a bit to make the relationships appear hidden.

Managing Titles and Text

  • Selecting ALT before selecting a text box allows you to adjust/move the text box.

Protecting Diagrams

Work in progress...

  • Open, approve
  • Right click diagram Revisions
  • List view will show revisions.
  • To move through viewing revisions.
  • Alt-1 Alt-3

Shortcuts / Key Macros

QualiWare Shortcuts/Key Macros