November 8, 2022 - Future of FPT discussion

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  • Updates
  • Building a forward agenda together



Provincial pages - mostly focused on helping people access and book vaccines: design system

The Digital Transformation Office is updating our navigation strategy for This includes changes to our global footer guidance. These changes are based on the data from our research projects on how people navigate and develop trust in government websites. If you’re looking at your own navigation strategy and want to know more about the research, please contact


Decommissioning of COVID content is proceeding as user needs change. Vaccine information will remain for the foreseeable future.

Building a forward agenda

  • Hurricane Fiona – Lessons Learned, how to improve, etc.
  • Covid / Monkeypox / Polio communications
  • Travel updates

Shared Forward agenda document – Please add ideas for future items, including items you would be prepared to share with the group.