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Beginning in 2017 with the GCcampus investment initiatives, the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) created a plan to upgrade its online learning platform (GCcampus) and integrate it with the CSPS website based on a variety of user feedback, Public Opinion Research, client contact centre cases, and the business needs of the CSPS itself. However, due to changes in priorities within the school, this was put on hold.

Fast forward to today, where both the platform and the website are out of date, we have usability issues, and the LMS back end is reaching its end of life, the need to upgrade or change our online learning environment has become a priority.

We are currently in a process to procure, curate and configure a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE) that will bring in many of the features requested by our stakeholders and partners, and most importantly, our learners. We are looking forward to your feedback and participation in this process, so please stay up to date with us and our Latest News!