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Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion through a Multicultural Calendar

An inclusive workplace includes everyone. Representation matters and at Materiel Group, we are proud to be working with our partners from other Departments to promote multicultural events each month.

Every month, our team works closely with Waheed Khan and the Visible Minorities Network at Environment and Climate Change Canada to launch a celebrations calendar that helps all of us learn about the multitude of multicultural events and awareness days celebrated across Canada. It’s not only about diversity; it’s about inclusion. When our people see their holidays, celebrations, and observations this fosters a greater sense of belonging and inclusion.

Materiel Group is also proud to promote a monthly multicultural calendar prepared by HR-Civ (link ) that is downloadable to your Outlook calendar (link to download instructions)

We commit to making diversity and inclusion a practice, not just policies, programs and headcounts.  Our success will be measured by the successes of those around us.

The Materiel Group Diversity and Inclusion team joins our friends across the Government of Canada in promoting inclusion and diversity, and striving to build a workforce that represents the present and evolving face of Canada. Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive public service is both an obligation and an opportunity we share. We must advance this objective together, acting both individually and collectively, and recognizing that our progress relies on amplifying the voices of those within our organizations. In our collective roles as Diversity and Inclusion advisors, we will keep close to the voices of the people of Materiel Group. We are calling on you to do the same. When we know better, we can do better.

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The Multicultural Calendar 2022 is now online!

Important and commemorative days