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This page is a work in progress, please feel free to add any content that could assist the EA community.

Information Architecture

Artificial Intelligence Source List[edit | edit source]

  • A list from PSPC of Artificial Intelligence vendors

Reference data standard on Canadian provinces and territories - draft[edit | edit source]

This draft reference data provides a standard list of values for all Canadian provinces and territories. The list reflects Canada’s 13 major political units; it is not based on geographical borders. This list is intended to standardize the way Canadian provinces and territories are described in datasets in order to enable data interoperability and improve data quality.

Algorithmic Impact Assessment[edit | edit source]

This project hosts a prototype of the Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) developed in Typescript.

The AIA is a critical piece of the Directive on Automated Decision-Making and we want to ensure its development is done in the open.

The users of this project will be Government of Canada employees assessing the impact of using an automated decision system, including Artificial Intelligence, as part of their programs and services.

Application Architecture

API Store [edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Government of Canada new API Store, our one-stop shop for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We encourage you to use these APIs which provide a wealth of government data and information – to build new applications and services for Canadians.

Government of Canada Standards on APIs [edit | edit source]

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are foundational to a modern digital ecosystem. These standards govern how APIs are to be developed across the Government of Canada (GC) to better support integrated digital processes across departments and agencies.

Open Resource Exchange[edit | edit source]

Explore how Canadian public administrations (federal, provincial, municipal and aboriginal) create greater transparency and accountability, increase citizen engagement and drive innovation and economic opportunities through open standards, open source software, open data, open information, open dialogue and open Government.

Open First White paper[edit | edit source]

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat is writing this whitepaper to pull together our thinking on how to shift government to an “Open” approach. This paper will unpack and get into the details on the subject of “Open” in order to inform a few initiatives, including the new Enterprise Architecture Review Board (EARB) in setting standards (open standards, open source software (OSS)) that would influence our technological ecosystem as well as our Information Management - Information Technology (IM-IT) practices. Hopefully, this whitepaper will lead to a number of strategic changes to the Government of Canada (GC) approach, including an IM-IT digital strategy that favours the use of open standards as well as OSS and that this would be a central part of the GC digital policy. It's not just open standards and OSS, we're also including open source code, open market and open culture.

GC Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice[edit | edit source]

Collaboration platform for group of like minded Enterprise Architecture practitioners.

Gcxchange[edit | edit source]

A new digital workplace for the Government of Canada where members can collaborate and share across the government as well as stay aware of what other departments are working on.

Enterprise Grant and Contribution Solution Platform[edit | edit source]

This is an open group for collaborating on common models, solutions and tools that support Grant & Contribution program delivery across all public sector levels. This collaboration contributes to the realization of Gs & Cs continuous reform objectives which includes improving client service delivery, transparency and results.

Technology Architecture

Cloud Brokering Service [edit | edit source]

Government of Canada (GC), departments and agencies have access to thousands of Cloud services which increase the responsiveness, flexibility, and value for money of the applications used to deliver programs and services to Canadians.

GC departments and agencies can use the Cloud brokering portal to:

  • search Cloud supply and providers;
  • submit a request (registered users);
  • access how-to videos; and
  • learn more about the GC policies and guidelines for Cloud.

GC Cloud Services [edit | edit source]

Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) that have been awarded with GC Cloud Framework Agreements can be found from the link above.

Cloud Infocentre[edit | edit source]

For everything you need to know for Cloud & DevOps, please refer to the GC Cloud Infocentre (link above).