Ministerial profile updates fall 2021

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Swearing-in day - centralized process

All Ministerial profiles will be updated on swearing-in day.

As requested by TBS and PCO, Principal publisher will:

  • update all ministerial profiles in a centralized location
  • use the updated template, but only include bios and photos
  • source pre-approved bio copy from
  • reuse existing photos where possible; source new photos from PCO

Full Ministerial profile template

On swearing-in day, Ministerial profiles will look like this:

Ministerial profile

Swearing-in day - what institutions need to do


  • Wait for PP to notify institutions when new Ministerial profiles are live
  • Update links from your institutional landing page (ILP) and any other pages to point to new Ministerial profile in AEM


  • Duplicate centralized Ministerial profiles under your own ILPs
  • Ask for new links prior to swearing-in day

After swearing-in day - other mandatory elements

Principal publisher will add the following as they become available:

Institutions to provide PP with the following as applicable:

  • Ministerial contact information
  • Briefing books or transition binder links
  • Ministerial appointment calendar links
  • Use the PP request form

After Swearing-in day - other updates and optional elements

If further updates are required, use PP request form for:

  • any updates to links, photos or contact info
  • any optional additions below the mandatory parts of the template

Parliamentary secretaries

We will follow the same process whenever they are announced!

  • PP will create basic profiles with bios, photos, links to Ministers
  • Institutions to provide contact info and other optional elements as needed, using PP request form


  • Link to centralized profiles from your ILPs


  • Duplicate this content under your ILPs