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The Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity

The Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity (ISEO) is a program for students who self-declare as Aboriginal (Indigenous) and are currently employed by the federal public service. The program features support for onboarding, a mentorship program, workshops, and support services culturally designed for both students and managers/supervisors.

The following are some of the supports offered:

  • Group mentorship sessions
  • Mentorship Program
  • Networking activities
  • Tools for managers.

What's new!

  • Explore the testimonials of Holly, Thomas, Amber and Camille who each have taken a different approach to conquering a student career in the public service. Click the 'testimonials' tab to read their stories.

Contact Us!

For information on Indigenous recruitment in the federal public service for managers, visit Indigenous Recruitment: Information for Hiring Managers.

To view student and graduate employment opportunities in the federal public service, Indigenous job seekers can visit Government of Canada Jobs for Indigenous Students and Graduates.

To discuss with a member of the Indigenous Centre of Expertise, please contact us by email at