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Governexx is a regional network for new, aspiring and developing federal public servants in BC.

Mission: To create leadership platforms for innovative, imaginative and idea-driven individuals while providing channels for mutual support and a community of practice sharing among new and developing public servants.  To create an open space for member collaboration and a communication channel with management in support of informed decision making to facilitate public service renewal and its impacts.

Co-Chairs: Adwoa Gyasi-Nimako (, Service Canada and Nakita Cheung (, Service Canada

Vice Chair: Vacant


To help federal employees in British Columbia further their careers by providing opportunities to develop skills and gain experience while collaborating with various federal departments, agencies and networks to foster horizontal partnerships for learning and development.

Governexx’s goals are to increase communication between new public servants and senior management and to help new public servants develop themselves in their careers by giving skills training, and leadership opportunities.

To achieve these objectives, Governexx has created a core committee of volunteers committed to helping Governexx achieve its goals.

Reporting to the British Columbia Pacific Federal Council Secretariat (BCFC), the Core Committee/Department Representatives are responsible for coordinating networking events, social activities, learning events, and taking on other initiatives in the interest of developing young professionals in the public service.

We hold a seat on the British Columbia Federal Council through which we are able to share ideas, issues and solutions identified by our members.

Core Values

  • Collaboration - To work together with other networks and groups to foster partnerships for learning and development
  • Communication - To facilitate the sharing of new and interesting information that will provide an understanding of issues that relate to young public servants
  • Leadership - To provide and promote leadership amongst young public servants
  • Openness - To provide an open, progressive environment for all young public servants to find information and ask questions


  • Blueprint and Destination 2020
  • Talent Management (TM) Framework
  • Aboriginal Interests and Issues
  • Mental Health and Wellness


  • British Columbia Federal Council (BCFC)
  • Canada School of Public Service (CSPS)
  • Federal Youth Network (FYN)
  • Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC)
  • National Managers’ Community (NMC)
  • Other Departmental Networks

Department Representatives - Core Committee Members

Find your department representative to connect and see how you can get involved here:

Annual Strategic Planning Day Debrief

2016 Governexx Annual Strategic Planning Day Debrief -

2015 Governexx Annual Strategic Planning Day Debrief -

Governexx Action Plan

In Brief:

The Governexx Action Plan came about after 16 of Governexx`s members had a 90 minute  face to face meeting with the Clerk of the Privy Council on March 2nd, 2016 where we presented on 28 key challenges and concerns that the network commonly face, along with recommendations for consideration.  We focussed on three main themes: Recruitment & Retention, TM - Career Paths and Engagement/Communication.  At the end of the meeting the Clerk requested a list of the items for further review.    On April 26th 2016, the Chair of Chairs of the Federal Councils, and Deputy Minister Western Economic Diversification,  Daphne Meredith and Chief Human Resources Officer, Treasury Board Secretariat, Anne Marie Smart followed up with a letter to the Clerk outlining a proposal and timelines along with the main objectives of the process and the contributing partners.  Two workshops were subsequently held on May 5th and on May 10th to prioritize and  condense the 28 items to five .  We also met with DM Daphne Meredith and NMC Champion Karen Ellis, who provided their input and words of wisdom on the propose action plan.  Our Champion Chantale Courcy presented the five key issues to the BCFC executive committee on May 20, 2016.  And finally Monica Angell and I were invited to present to the BCFC on May 27, 2016 and received support for the Governexx Action plan and the next steps.  For a list of the five identified action items and desired outcomes see Governexx Action plan presented to the BC Federal Council May 27, 2016 power point below.

1-Letter to the Clerk April 26, 2016 -

2-Letter to the Clerk June 6, 2016 with Action Plan -

3-Governexx Action plan presented to the BC Federal Council May 27, 2016 -

4-December 31, 2016 Status report to the Clerk -

5-Letter from the Clerk to Sylvie Bérubé, Governexx Champion -


Governexx Action Plan working groups - for more information see Letter to Clerk and Action Plan link above or email: or

Micro Missions


Governexx 101 -

PMA Suggestions for Active Governexx Members -

Endorsement letter from Governexx Champion for Core Member Participation -

Blueprint 2020 in a Box - It is a repository of initiatives and activities that are going on within organizations across the public service.....

Mental Health Commission of Canada - Workplace Mental Health Webinars:

Upcoming Events

*2017 - Governexx Annual Forum - theme to be determined

For more details on upcoming Governexx events, see the Event Calendar on our GCConnex page.

Recent Events

*February 16 2017 - Career Boot Camp 2017: Canada 150 - The Future is Ours -

*January 26, 2017 Know your Pension and Benefits Vancouver register here:

*January 13, 2017 Know your Pension and Benefits Victoria register here:

*November 2016 - GCWCC - Dress for Success Clothing Drive

*November 15, 2016 1 - 2:30PM PST Gender-Based Analysis + Speaker Series: The Power and Impact of Gender Based Analysis Plus, more information and registration is available using the following link

*November 7, 2016 Managers' Exchange - Hilton, Metrotown, 6083 McKay Avenue, Burnaby, BC Time: TBD -

**October 20 from 8pm to 9pm EDT' LeadersGC: Follow and participate in the conversation online using the hashtag #LeadersGC and learn how to embrace your future and become the leader the public service needs. Pride in the Public Service Sarah Paquet, Assistant Deputy Minister, Procurement Modernization Integration Team, Public Services and Procurement Canada.

'*October 27, 2016 IPAC' - Perspectives on Indigenous Engagement - More information and registration available at:

*October 24, 2016 - Second Restructured Core Committee Meeting

*September 16 2016 - Inaugural Restructured Core Committee Meeting

*BCFC MeRestructured Core Committee Meeting Engagement Session and Action Plan Jam Sessionent - October 11, 2016

*CBC 2016 - The Career I Want - Public Servant -


*IPAC New Professional Workshop "Moving Beyond the Now" November 24, 2015

*GCWCC Week "Dress for Success" October 26th to 30th 2015

This year as our focus has been Talent Management and the collaborative Mentoring Initiative with the BCFC, CSPS and NMC, we thought we would look to support a program that was also built around helping and supporting others in building their careers. Dress for Success (DFS) ( was a great fit as their mission is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

We collected and dropped off your donations, had a tour of their facility and conducted an interview with several members of this fabulous team. Did you know that DFS does significantly more than just offer clothes to people looking for a job? Their approach is to help their clients succeed in finding that dream job by offering them a comprehensive start to finish support system. Their clients typically need to be referred from one of the many employment services agencies around the lower mainland (they can contact WorkBC for more information)…click here to find out more

These are the supporting steps offered by DFS:

1-be referred from employment services agencies – this means they have a resume in hand ready to ‘hit the pavement” 2-set up an appointment with career services - This is a one hour consultation with HR representatives and recruiters to work on their resume, cover letter and possibly even conduct a mock interview. 3- When they are ready for interviews they would be brought in for a one hour fitting session and receive one complete outfit for the interview stage. This includes everything from under garments, a dress or business suit and outerwear, to the important accessories, like jewellery and a purse. The idea is that they can leave from the fitting in a complete head-to-toe professional outfit ready for an interview. 4-Once they have a job they can come back for two additional outfits. They advised they have about a 30% return rate for the 2nd fitting.

Individuals can also be a part of the Professional Women’s Group (see blog below) where they are put into a group for an 18 month program and attend workshops and training on a variety of topics including LinkedIn and etiquette and have monthly guest speakers. They have mentors that they work with, and the intake into the program is twice a year.

Some items that are presently of the highest need are coats and outerwear, panty hose and outfits in the plus sizes. They can also use other donations, such as new computers, cabinetry, and your personal volunteer time in an area of expertise they are looking for such as administration. For donations that do not meet DFS requirements they are regifted to other organizations and programs, such as WISH (

Much of the behind the scenes work is done by a small troop of volunteers who work through the donations sorting, folding, steaming, hanging and displaying the assorted items received. They can always use more volunteers, but can especially use some volunteers with good administrative skills.

DFS is on the list of organizations sponsored by the United Way, so we will look to reconnect with DFS soon in the near future.

Upcoming Events: Volunteer Open House – January 23, 2016 International Women’s Day – March 8, 2016 Clothing Sale 4x a year – next one February 17 – 20 at Harbour Centre

Partners New Westminster Fraser Works – more similar to Dress for Success, but very new organization Working Gear - ( work appropriate clothing at no cost. These men are seeking jobs in a wide range of industries and we provide them with everything from boots to suits.

DFS Online Presence:

*Pilot Mentoring Initiative

In collaboration with the BCFC, the NMC and the CSPS two pairing sessions were held in July 2015. There were over 40 mentors and 40 mentees that took part in the program and were successfully paired up for a one year term. Although the initial intake is complete, the BCFC will continue to accept new applicants. Moving forward, we will be introducing monthly themes for the mentors and mentees to consider, on the BCFC GCconnex mentor mentee page, as to ensure the continued success of the program.

Long description:

The British Columbia Federal Council BCFC is delivering on the Clerk of the Privy Council’s cross-cutting priority to promote talent management across all federal departments and agencies, using Blueprint 2020’s vision of building a modern public service, and answering to employees’ interest in training, and career and professional development opportunities as expressed in the recent Public Service Employee Survey.

•As part of its overall Talent Management Framework, the BCFC is working with partners from the National Managers’ Community (NMC), Governexx and the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) on a Pilot Mentoring Program for all federal public service employees in the BC Region.

•The Mentoring Program is one of four (the other three being; Talent Mobility on GCconnex’s Jobs Marketplace Jobs Marketplace, Talent Exchanges, and ongoing Professional Development through CSPS courses and learning sessions.

•Mentoring is a one year partnership between a seasoned or experienced mentor and a less experienced mentee. It is a learning relationship based on cooperation and support, where the mentor shares his or her knowledge, experience and advice with a mentee who is motivated to learn from the other’s experience.

•The initial intake and matching of mentors and mentees will be completed as of July 31, 2015. However, we will continue to accept templates on an ongoing basis and continue pairing up mentors and mentees for successful matches.

•Employees seeking a mentor are asked to complete a mentee template reflecting on past performance management conversations with managers, mentors and others and identify their career, learning and developmental needs.

•Managers/experienced employees seeking a mentee are asked to complete a mentor template, reflecting on their work experience, strengths, skills, behaviours and other factors that could assist mentees.

•For more information and to apply please email Jessica Chi

•The BC Federal Council Mentoring working group will review and match mentors with mentees, considering factors such as geography, career interests, levels, second language retention, employee equity, and developmental needs and recommend a match.

Past Events - Previous Fiscal Years

  • BlueSkies, the 2014 Governexx Annual Forum

Clear your calendar for BlueSkies, the 2014 Governexx Annual Forum!

Governexx is an interdepartmental leadership network for developing federal public servants. The Annual Forum is our signature event, where we strive to create a unique and meaningful experience that will stimulate your mind and change your perspective.

BlueSkies is the title for our 2014 Forum to evoke a sense of freedom and optimism as we create connections, share ideas, and build capacity for our careers within the Government of Canada. The success of this Forum is driven by your passion and curiosity. If you have been wondering about your role in the changing landscape of the public service and have some ideas to share, then this is the place to be.

In 2012, we brought you the Jaguar’s Den and it thrilled. This year, we offer you: Trials and Tribulations – a Collective Story Harvest, and Open Space – Exploring the Public Service.

Trials and Tribulations – a Collective Story Harvest: In the morning, participate in stories from inside and outside the public service on various workplace innovation topics such as personal career journeys, moving innovative ideas to action and personal leadership experiences, then discover how these stories weave together through common themes and connections.

Open Space – Exploring the Public Service: In the afternoon, release your inner intrapreneur by sharing your ideas or joining a like-minded group. You are invited to attend or lead discussion groups on a topic that matters to you under the question “What issues and opportunities do you want to discuss, collaborate and explore with your Public Service peers? What work ideas, projects, questions, perplexing challenges or seeds of possibility in the public service do you want to explore today?” Bring ideas & find your tribe!

Also at BlueSkies:

- Looking for a mentor? Mingle with over 20 managers who will be attending

- Want to learn about leadership? Connect with Governexx members who can show the way

- Need activities for your Personal Learning Agreement? Admission is free, so bring a favorite colleague

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

  • Career Exploration Workshop - August 11, 2011. Thank you to our presenter Anita Tosch for delivering a great workshop where our members have an opportunity to explore and assess what provides meaning and satisfaction to their work, and thank you to our panelists Ross Fairweather and Kendall Woo for sharing their experiences with us!
  • Governexx Forum 2011 - "Formulas for Success" will be held in Downtown Vancouver in the first week of November or last week of October of this year. Mark your calendars. Updates will be posted on our website.
  • Governexx Conference 2010 - "You Control Your Future" - November 9, 2010. Summary of the conference has been posted on our website.

Examples of other past events/initiatives taken on by Governexx are:

  • Annual Conferences
  • Learning Events
  • Workshops
  • Social Events

External Links

  • Governexx mailing list subscription
  • BCFC
  • Governexx on Twitter