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Is My Department Collaborating Across The GC using GCcollaboration?

UPDATE: The content here was originally posted GCcollaboration/Home, however the content was requested to be removed from that page, and so it lives here.

This section of the wiki is a crowd sourced list of departments, to determine if they choose to use a single common platform (GCcollaboration) or if they chose to go at it alone. This list was initially populated by referring the Global Address Listing (aka GAL) located within the Outlook Tab.

Column Descriptions

  • Using: Department has decided to opt-in to using GCcollaboration
  • NOT Using: Department has decided to opt-out of using GCcollaboration
  • Unknown: The department has not been confirmed or not to using GCcolaboration
  • Contributed by: Wiki Signature of user who contributed the department to the list, but not necessarily related to the roll out efforts
  • Verified by: Wiki Signature of the user who verified the department is participating.
  • Comments: Any appropriate comments that you think add value

Do you want your department to join the collaboration effort? Send a request to your IT Service Desk and reference this page.

Please take a moment to update or add a row for your department.

Department Listing

Department Using NOT Using Unknown Contributed By Verified By Twitter Handle Is It Blocked URL Comments
AAFC-AAC x David Sampson @AAFC_Canada
ASC-CSA x David Sampson @csa_asc
BAC/LAC x David Sampson @LibraryArchives
CBSA-ASFC x David Sampson @CanBorder
CFP-PSC x David Sampson @PSCofCanada
CIHR-IRSC x David Sampson @CIHR_IRSC
CSPS X David Sampson
DND X David Sampson
DND/CADETS x Tyler Willis @cadetsca
ECCC x David Sampson @environmentca
FEGC-WAGE x David Sampson @Women_Canada
GAC-AMC x David Sampson @GAC_Corporate
IRB-CISR x David Sampson @IRB_Canada
IRCC x David Sampson @CitImmCanada
ISED x David Sampson Home Department for Canada's Free Agents
NRCAN X David Sampson @NRCan Home Department for Canada's Free Agents
OCI-BEC X David Sampson ????
PC X David Sampson @ParksCanada
PS-SP X David Sampson @Safety_Canada
PSC-CFP X Sylvain Lépine @PSCofCanada Launched 20 Apr 2020
RCMP-GRC X David Sampson Cory Dignard
SSC X David Sampson @SSC_CA Leading the implementation of GCcollaboration
STATCAN X David Sampson @StatsCanada
TBS x David Sampson Home Department for Canada's Free Agents
TC x David Sampson Home Department for Canada's Free Agents
IRB x David Sampson @IRB_Canada