GC Web Priorities – September 28 2022

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Meeting information


Wednesday, September 28, 2022 – 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


1. Updates

2. Roundtable

Notes and action items

Publication of the DTO latest blog post has been slightly delayed, will be published shortly


  • Border announcement – everything will be ready to go live. Redirect all travel content to the travel landing page, which will become the hub for all the new info. LAC will archive the old pages. Removing ArriveCAN features across the page, and info on ArriveCAN will be changed. Links will need to be updated. Feedback on pages will continue to be monitored, changes made as necessary. Changes to the proof of vaccination pages.


  • ArriveCAN page retaining same URL but changing title to Use ArriveCAN for a faster border experience

Q: Should these links and alerts be shared with FPT group?

Yes, these will be shared with the working group



GC Task Success Survey Quarterly Results Process

How can we encourage departments to leverage GC Task Success Survey results into tangible changes to their online presence? The process might look like this

1 Generate Quantitative Reporting Spreadsheet Principal Publisher
2 Identify tasks to focus on (highest impact, lowest scoring, largest performance changes) DTO, PCO
3 Engage Institutions with tasks in greatest need DTO, PCO
4 Analyze data for insights Institutions, with support from DTO, PP
5 Identify actions to take Institutions, with support from DTO, PP
6 Implement actions, monitor and correct as needed Institutions, with support from DTO, PP
7 Report on progress and governance committees DTO, PCO, Institutions

This proposed process will need to piloted to gauge its efficacy. Reach out to Peter Smith - peter.smith@tbs-sct.gc.ca or Nicolas Pjontek - nicolas.pjontek@servicecanada.gc.ca for more information.

Q: when you’re looking for volunteers, does they need to be in the top 100 task list?

Anyone can participate, and we can tailor the research for that particular department’s top tasks.