GC Web Priorities – September 26 2022

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Meeting information


Monday September 26, 2022 – 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM


1. Updates

2. Roundtable

Notes and action items

Hurricane Fiona


  • Making updates to social media and travel advisories
  • Travel advice and advisories for Fiona: Caribbean, 09/16; Turks and Caicos, 09/19; Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, 09/21

Public Safety

  • Draft text for a potential landing page, but no decision yet
  • Will follow similar procedures from other large-scale emergency events.

Service Canada

  • Some offices in Atlantic Canada are closed due to water or flood damage - there are alerts in their respective pages


  • Location in Halifax is currently closed - internal news system has published an alert


  • Using adobe target to add notices to EI and CPP web-page to e-service Canada request form


  • Response teams deployed for Fiona relief
  • Will also be releasing results on usability testing

National Day of Truth and Reconciliation

Service Canada

  • Published promos in:
    • Government initiatives section of the Canada.ca home page
    • Features section of the News page
  • There will be a banner takeover - working with PCO


  • Banner takeover tracking for Sept 28


  • Indian Residential School records (canada.ca) - information on the nature of records about residential schools and indigenous issues
  • Interpreting our documents (canada.ca)

Pages include an alert acknowledging that archives can be sites of trauma.

Queen’s Passing


  • No date yet for a transition on documentation language
  • If you have questions, please add them here:
    • Questions re: Queen passing - Google Docs


  • New updates will be finalized for Oct 1st (will be shared on Wednesday September 28th)
  • Update recommendations on serial testing (testing regularly even when you have no symptoms) will be published shortly


DTO and PP will be sharing Q1 GC Task Success Survey results and plans to implement the findings of those results at Wednesday's GCWP session.