GC Web Priorities – July 27 2022

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1. Updates

Notes and action items

1. Updates


  • Having daily co-edits sessions to improve content
    • If you need to be looped into those conversations, please let M-R know



  • Finishing updates from July 19 mandatory and off-site testing
  • Things are quieting down until September OIC updates


  • Communications: Blog post about news releases is coming out tomorrow
  • Theme Management: Have been mapping Canada.ca topic tree and have spoken to many themes

2. Zero-emissions vehicles

Valerie Anderson (NRCan)

  • Creating a web working group to start conversations on how to build this content and group it better
  • Leveraging existing content to serve the narrative
  • If you are interested in being part of these conversations, please reach out to Valerie

3. The Canada.ca brand identity

Lisa Fast (DTO)

Presentation: Report 1A: Trust in Canada.ca

  • Shared part 1 of the research of the trust study
  • Next steps:
    • Update Canada.ca brand identity guidance to require FIP flag symbol in colour with logo
    • Continue Canada.ca adoption and URL usage
    • Continue to co-develop Sign in design patterns
    • Improve service through task success survey results & page feedback data
    • More study needed on polarizing role of imagery with trust (will be sharing soon)
  • This will be presented to the Web Executive Board in August

Please continue to move toward the adoption of the Canada.ca domain.

In the Fall, if you want us to come talk to your Executives, please let us know.

See you next Wednesday!