Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/October 26 2021

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  • Announcing today that booster shots will be available for all in the province
  • This page will be updated tomorrow with details of federal proof of vaccination for travel

Nova Scotia

  • Businesses will be able to scan QR codes soon
  • Many users also using printed version and laminating them


  • Businesses will be able to scan QR code as of next week
  • Finding that users want to print and laminate their version


  • Proof of vaccination page offers electronic, email and mail

Demo Proof of Vaccination - IRCC

  • Much of the feedback is around these areas:
    • Clients are unaware of the differences between the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination and their provincial/territorial one
    • Users are confused when directed to provincial/territorial sites and assume they were sent to the wrong place.
    • Users are expecting to get the proof of vaccination from the federal government as opposed to their provincial or territorial government.
    • Users don’t know if they already have it or if they need to get a new one
    • How to update vaccination records
    • How to get proof through non-digital means