Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/October 18 2022

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Meeting Information

Tuesday October 18, 2022 - 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM


  • Provincial and territorial updates
  • Federal updates
    • COVID
    • Transition of the Crown
    • Ebola virus disease
    • Monkeypox
  • Canada.ca trust research approach
  • Building a forward agenda together




  • BC
    • Retired or significantly cut down on everything non-medical for COVID (Travel, provincial health guidelines, etc)
    • Launched fall booster campaign for Flu and COVID
    • Both vaccines are now being booked through a provincial centralized booking system
  • PEI
    • Still maintaining a COVID site, with calls to action on provincial homepage, but reconsidering as most pieces don’t seem to be needed any longer
    • Comms are now delegated to individual departments instead of provincial communications
  • Alberta
    • Updates to info on travel restrictions, including items you no longer need to do
    • Vaccine info has been updated for bivalent boosters
    • Most other changes waiting for direction based on provincial leadership change
  • Yukon
    • Streamlined content, and content updates are now being led by the Department of Health and Social Services rather than corporately in the Executive Council Office
    • Still have a link in a site alert on the main provincial government home page but it's unlikely anyone sees it any more
    • COVID hub on the main Yukon government site
  • Health Canada
    • New vaccines and treatment options are approved
    • Boosters for children 5-11 also approved
    • Updated rapid antigen information to meet most recent accuracy standards
    • Removing COVID trends November 2
    • Updated policy decision
  • COVID travel
    • Travel landing page now the only page with travel related content
    • Page includes statements indicating what you no longer have to do as this helps ease concerns for international travellers coming from places where some restrictions may still be in place
    • All guidance documents now redirect back to landing page
    • Alert was added for the October 1 lifting of travel restrictions
    • New policy decision on rapid testing frequency and timing with symptoms and after exposure



  • Health Canada
    • Working on a new page about Monkeypox and animals
    • Working on a content for what to do about adverse side effects from the vaccine (Imvamune)
    • Industry requirements for tests will be published soon
    • Extra info has been updated, in addition to information on new treatment that has been approved
    • Monkeypox EPI Dashboard - may start reporting weekly, probably every Friday
  • Nova Scotia

Dental Benefit

  • Canada Dental Benefit page launched (CRA)
  • Includes eligibility details even though it hasn’t received Royal Assent, with a note that Legislation is under review and pending approval by Parliament

Transition of the Crown Terminology across the entire GC is slowly getting updated, including contracting, licensing and copyright.

Hurricane Fiona

Public Safety has centralized content to provide provincial-specific links, and other EI information has been updated to allow people who cannot access EI through the traditional means, Geo-located alerts will provide additional information for accessing services through special circumstances

Canada.ca Trust study

Presentation - Trust in Canada.ca Brand Design Elements

Lisa Fast, Digital Transformation Office