Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/October 12 2021

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  • Alerts have been added to the Proof of vaccination page as well as specific travel pages about the vaccine requirement for flights, trains, cruises
  • Updates coming about testing requirements for domestic travel (for those not fully vaccinated or with a medical exemption)


  • Moderna and Pfizer authorization request received, and content is being updated
  • Working with IRCC to expand proof of vaccination to clarify PT documents vs federal document (once it’s available)
    • Keeping an eye for any changing links to the PT sites for proof of vaccination
  • Analytics
    • Gradual decrease in overall traffic to pages (around 64% mobile)
    • Top visited content remains: ArriveCan, vaccine info pages


Discussion items

Jamboard Web content to support businesses

  • What calls or questions are coming in?
  • What are businesses asking for in terms of support?

PEI: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/topic/businesses-services-and-events

  • Thus far, meeting the business requirements
    • Added 15 questions to FAQ post-launch
    • Top questions: “How do I know if someone is fully vaccinated?”
  • Same as Ontario - no “pass” yet until the QR codes come into effect

Nova Scotia:

BC: Have a QR code system in effect, and doing research with business

Testing for travellers (domestic) starting October 30th

  • Will be needed for planes, trains and perhaps bus
    • Only needed for those who are not fully vaccinated or medically exempt
  • Lisa/Lana working on an inventory of P/T content that’s currently available - if there is something else we should point to, please let us know