Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/June 8 2021

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Vaccine and travel feedback update

  • DTO: Focusing on recovery and reopening, scaling back on vaccines
  • Travel: Assessment tool now live (walks you through your quarantine plan and you get an answer whether your plan is suitable)
  • Fines have increased as of June 4th (now up to 5000$) - page updated
  • New page for cruise ship information
  • Health: Working through approvals on updated content for vaccine safety
  • HC yesterday received application for Moderna for 12+ (going through application process and when approved will be updated on the site)

Cross-jurisdictional site updates

  • Sunset of federal COVID assessment tool
  • The Federal assessment tool has been removed, page is now updated to each of the provincial and territorial assessments instead

Discussion items:

How are you addressing vaccine hesitancy in your web content and are you developing web content to support vulnerable populations, youth getting vaccinated?

    • PEI: Have had great uptake in the vaccine, and expecting everyone who wants the first vaccine will have it by end of month (80% target)
    • People are asking now how long do I have to wait for 2nd vaccine
    • Nova Scotia: New page for vaccine hesitancy - while assuming those who are hesitant might not be on the site
    • This page is more materials/resources for users to share with friends and family to encourage/provide resources to them
    • Ontario: Have a few pages around vaccine hesitancy but not titled directly with that (more in line with vaccine safety)
    • Answers questions on ingredients, and side effects
    • Specific pages for audiences (youth, elderly, Indigenous populations)
    • Manitoba: Currently at 54% of the population vaccinated with 1st dose and aiming to have 70% of adult population by end of month
    • Have social media campaigns on “taking a seat” for vaccine to get life back to normal
    • Q.for Manitoba: News release talking about secure immunization card for vaccine
    • A. It will be a card you can apply for online after you’ve received your second dose.
  1. Are you developing content for COVID testing in the workplace?
    • Mostly not being considered for provinces and territories yet
    • Ontario: Working on a online application now for businesses for them to submit COVID cases in their workplace, and includes one-page information on rights for safe work environments, routine precautions, and rights to refuse dangerous work
    • PEI: Rapid testing is happening only for those hired by Justice or Public Safety, not open to schools or businesses
  2. Continue these meetings? Anything to change?
    • Decision to move these to 30 minutes for the summer
    • Group would like to see the meetings to continue (especially with variants ongoing - unsure of what will occur over the summer)

Notes and action items