Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/June 22 2021

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  • Travel: Announcement made June 21 with changes for those who are vaccinated
  • Alerts also updated with vaccinated traveler highlighted the flying and driving checklist, and that items are changing with the OIC changes
  • With the recent OIC, there is more merging between vaccine and travel
  • Airport testing companies updates
  • To be completed area for at home test kits for those travelling by land from Alaska
  • For PEI, they are doing a Rapid testing at all crossings (users receive a call in 2 hours) beginning June 27
  • Two people per vehicle at least need to be tested
  • BC is looking to take dwon a lot of the testing pages, and streamline the process
  • there has never been a testing request by land border for BC (for those entering from Alberta)
  • Vaccine update: Vaccine safety page has been launched
  • Marketing side: video series has been launched, and available on the main page
  • Make an appointment section updated with all provincial/territorial links

Discussion items:

How are you planning and managing your sites for reopening and recovery?, Is your information architecture changing?, Other topics taking precedence?, Is your content shifting to life after vaccination?

  • Ontario - 3 stage reopening plans, high level pages with links with more details for restrictions (specifically for businesses)
    • Right now focus is what can businesses do and not do?
  • Alberta - Waiting on health officials on what lifting all restrictions will mean
    • in terms of recovery, will be launching in July and will know more soon
  • Northwest Territories - June 21
    • removed self-isolation restrictions for those who are doubly vaccinated, and eased for those who have one vaccination
    • all restrictions being lifted won't be until mid-fall and those are based on vaccination rates across all Canada
  • PEI - at the moment kind of messy because people need to apply for a pass (if vaccinated) and if not vaccinated, you have to self declare (new form on the site) that you will isolate for 8 days and must stop at border for rapid testing
    • in effect as of June 27
    • one of the concerns is Nova Scotia is reopening their borders so if they're coming to PEI to ensure testing and safety

Notes and action items