Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/July 7 2020

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1. Introductions - new additions to the group 2. Reopening businesses

  • Support for businesses page on Canada.ca
  • Federal plain language efforts for reopening guidance

3.Central page for travel restrictions within Canada

  • What content/pages exist for each province/territory
  • How we can link out from the federal content

4. COVID 19 data integration and visualization

5.Round table: initiatives or content launching in the next 2 weeks, forward agenda items

Introductions - new additions to the group

  • NWT:Umesh
  • NS:Kara McAllister
  • PEI: VL Weeks, Beth Doucette
  • ON: Marcella Young - TBS, David Tallan, Lauren Sugar, Daivd Cox, Stephanie
  • MB:Edward Cormier
  • AB: Gene Smith, Sharon
  • GC colleagues: PCO/HC/PHAC/PP/TBS
  • Sheldon Bauld, Christina Carrigan, Julie Tierney


  • Gerry McGovern task study - will be added to on Slack
  • COVID-19 Exposure notification app - working with Ontario
  • Financial snapshot tomorrow
  • M-R: Covid19 exposure app with the Ontario govt (hopeful by the next mtg to chat more with those folks on what has been done/their plans moving forward)

Reopening businesses

  • Trying to get a sense of what information businesses are looking for on canada.ca
  • Lots of similarities btw business and individuals around financial support
  • Two main areas: financial support; guidance and standards
  • Deck will be shared on the Wiki by Gil for the rest of the group (link above)
  • Main business landing page mirrors other covid19 landing pages for findability and structure
  • Ontario was one of the top 50 searches (net new) - assumption is many Ontario businesses looking for information/guidance
  • To ensure effectiveness of the business support, we are doing 3 rounds of unmoderated testing; page success widget, daily monitoring of analytics and task success survey

Central page for travel restrictions within Canada - Mary Beth

  • Interprovincial wiki page created by Mary-Beth
  • Links (mini content inventory) to main travel advice from each province
  • Main aim is to ensure Canadians understand where they can go (within Canada)
  • Celeste: the question of travel also depends on where I reside (i.e. if I’m coming from a place with more cases)
  • Christina: Northwest territories - borders are restricted
  • Issue with the restrictions is the charter of rights for Canadians to be able to move freely - so we have the restrictions but the ability to enforce them is difficult
  • Cannot prohibit them from entering but can manage their travel w/in the province - it’s tricky
  • Page that has the most traction is the border entry/exit restrictions
  • Would be great to have it in one central page - but even just in the territory it’s been hard to explain only in this jurisdiction
  • Aiming to one central page ( many seemed in agreement even though it’s tricky) without duplicating the information
  • VL (PEI): The link on the wiki is good for those in the atlantic bubble but not for the rest of Canadians
  • Needs some more thinking ( preliminary spreadsheet with what province you are from and to which you’re travelling to - perhaps this could feed into the wizard?)
  • Goal: Improve Travellers within Canada section (new page?) for Canadians wanting to take summer vacations:
  • Currently: Travellers within Canada
  • What content/pages exist for each province/territory:
  • How we can link out from the federal content

Data visualization - Rob/Michael

  1. Main goal is to aggregate data from multiple sources for different audiences and that the data is consistent across all canada.ca
  2. Important considerations included audience; data overload for the public and being unable to understand or misinterpret; and urgency and privacy concerns
  3. Impact: 152K since launch (in 3 weeks) - the epidemiological and economic research data
  4. Key takeaways: solution is repeatable and collaborative nature allowed data to be efficiently published in a timely manner

Round table: initiatives or content launching in the next 2 weeks, forward agenda items

  • Forward agenda items: