Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/July 21 2020

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  1. Updates
  2. Manitoba engagement study - Richard Cormier
  3. COVID-19 Alert notification app - Chelsea Novak
  4. Next steps


  • Travel theme page and working group and provincial page - Mary Beth
  • Launched July 20th - new travel Covid-19 landing page that pulls together various areas of travel
  • If FPT links for travelling with Canada need to be updated; message Mary Beth for changes
  • Exit survey experimentation
  • Update on research - Susan
  • Call drivers - 70% of calls is around quarantining and self-isolation

Manitoba engagement study

Presentation: Manitoba engagement study (.pdf)

  • Restoring services to Manitobans
  • Highest level of engagement from town halls to engagement surveys (via app)
  • 3000 questions asked through EngageMB Q& A tool
  • Phase 2 - 5700 Manitobans provided feedback
  • Phase 3 included multiple focused surveys including polling students and parents on education
  • By comparison, phase 3 saw an overall higher level of Manitobans willing to reopen businesses
  • 75% of both parents and students were somewhat or very comfortable going back to in-class instruction in the fall
  • 2.7M unique users visited Manitoba.ca 7.5M times during the pandemic
  • Lessons learned: communicate potential increase in web traffic to web team; ensure a plan in place for triage questions to subject matter experts; surveys should have quantitative and qualitative questions

COVID Alert app

  • Alert app demo
  • Context: Back in March/April when Covid begun; there was a need for an app to easily provide information on covid/symptoms/exposure
  • Important measures: explaining that it does not use location/GPS and that their privacy is safe and that the Alert app is not a contact tracing app
  • Shows how the app (sending random codes via bluetooth and collecting codes); and if any phone I’ve been near in the last 14 days identifies as covid - I will receive an alert
  • Demo alert page if you’ve been exposed and what to do next (ex: Ontario guidance)
  • Ontario will be launched very soon

Next steps

  • Meeting cancelled August 4th - to accommodate for vacations as much as possible