Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/January 5 2021

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Travel wizard update – Susan/Lana

Page des restrictions provinciales et territoriales

  • Feedback from the last few weeks:
  • So far about 500 comments
  • 20-30 comments a day initially - Mostly people were looking for info re travelling within Canada, so team made some quick adjustments to the page to emphasize need to look at provincial/territorial pages and added "There are currently no specific restrictions for interprovincial travel to and from ______ though the situation is evolving rapidly."
  • Since the changes, we’re seeing closer to 10-15 comments/day, but continue to get questions about travelling from one city to another
  • Focus of comments most recently is around new negative COVID test requirement for flights - people are wondering if it applies within Canada as well.
  • Need to update Atlantic bubble info on Provincial and territorial restrictions page - NB is now requiring travellers to isolate, even when travelling from other Atlantic provinces. NS will still allow people travelling from within the Atlantic bubble (NS, NB, PEI, NL) to come in without isolating.
  • Provinces/territories seeing similar questions re travelling between jurisdictions
  • Challenging when changes are announced before web content is ready - like the negative COVID test announcement
  • Also challenging to get recommended/plain language messaging out vs public health orders
  • Susan offered to share relevant feedback from travel wizard with provinces/territories
  • ON has a new travel guidance page working its way through approvals

Vaccine content update – Susan/Lana

Vaccine roll-out

  • Discussion re use of the drop-down for selecting your province - this is a tested pattern that works well for mobile users especially. Makes sense to use this pattern here (even though it requires an extra click to get the province or territory you want) because the majority of traffic is on mobile and it’s not the top task of the page.
  • 600 comments on vaccine topics

3 task groups accounting for 85% of feedback:

  • Vaccine distribution:
  • how/when/where can I get the vaccine? Timeline is the most common question: when can I expect to be vaccinated? Users include their province too … “I’m 80 and live in BC … when will I get vaccinated”
  • Getting the vaccine: how do I register? Do I need to call someone to know when it’s my turn? How will I know when it’s my turn?
  • Where can I get the vaccine near me?
  • Vaccine safety:
  • Is the vaccine safe?
  • I have health issue … is it safe?
  • Ingredients? Allergens? People are looking for confirmation that the vaccine is safe even if their allergen isn’t listed
  • Vaccine side effects
  • Statistics:
  • Statistics on number of vaccines administered
  • How many vaccines and doses have been delivered to my province/territory?

Call for future discussion topics

  • Will you be presenting vaccination data for priority groups?
    • Provinces generally are sharing cumulative vaccine doses administered. Some are updating daily, some weekly. People are looking at what to include in reporting as reporting matures: daily doses administered, completed immunizations, by health region or by province/territory...
    • Susan H - whether there could be an approach to incorporate Indigenous vaccinations at the Federal and PT level