Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/January 18 2022

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Welcome back! Hope everyone had a chance to relax and recharge.

1. Updates





  • Alerts and handouts for the Jan. 15 Orders in Council

January OICs are being announced January 31 and may be in effect for 60 days


  • Wondering how much longer that the BC Travel exemptions will be in effect
    • Announcement will be in a couple hours


  • Focusing on an urgent request: Coding a new page for PAXLOVID
  • New guidance coming re use of PAXLOVID to help provinces and territories plan based on limited supply


PT links

  • Most clicked P/T links are to Ontario and Quebec
  • Sending a couple thousand people per week to the PT links from key COVID travel, testing and vaccine pages
  • 63% mobile


2. Rapid Testing - David Froom (HC)
  • Seeking data and content about the effect rapid testing is having in the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Tracking some data
  • Testing guidance will be changing - more restrictions on who can access tests moving forward
  • Online reporting tool: not mandatory and not widely advertised yet as more needs to be considered regarding questions of accessibility (people may not have access to an online tool) and privacy


  • Self-reporting form: only for personal use
  • Not collecting rapid test results in any way at this time

There is more to come on this topic. It is in development. We’ll add this as a standing item on future agendas so we can have an ongoing conversation.

3. Provincial and Territorial Links - Feedback Requested 

Please check to ensure PT links on these pages are accurate:

You can send feedback to Annie Stewart (annie.stewart@hc-sc.gc.ca) or David Froom (david.froom@hc-sc.gc.ca)

4. Feedback from key COVID pages
  • Travel
  • Testing
  • Vaccinations

We can share feedback related to P & T if there is interest. If you would like this, please reach out to Annie Stewart (annie.stewart@hc-sc.gc.ca)

5. Brand Recognition for Canada.ca
  • Call out: Seeking research or tracking on ROI for websites that could be shared

Many have research, analytics, and feedback loops but not specifically on ROI

  • BC has been trying to quantify the value of having 12 other different languages. This is the 1st time they’ve done it on this scale before.
  • Alberta has a “was this page helpful” widget on every page. People have the option to provide written feedback. This has been more helpful than pure data as it provides insight into the exact challenges.  

PEI - asking for explanation on feedback loop and process for another meeting.

Upcoming meeting item

  • ROI/Feedback loop Show-and-tell
    • Karen and Laura (HC & TBS) will put something together about how feedback is used by the Travel working group
    • Shannon (Alberta) will also share more about how they use of the “was this page helpful” widget