Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/February 2 2021

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Vaccine update

  • Analytics traffic to vaccine went down about 15% in last week, with travel content being the most important - calls up 11%
  • Vaccine topic page rolled out last week

Analytics update

  • Vaccine feedback via feedback form
  • January alone, >3000 comments
  • Distribution questions received the most, 39% of total feedback
  • Eligibility: can I get the vaccine if I already had covid, if i’m living in another province, or if I’m not a citizen?
  • After vaccination: proof of vaccination, prevention measures post vaccination, proof to travel?
  • Q: Does anyone know about/working on proof of vaccination? Group unsure of federal proof vs the US
  • David Cox (Ontario): Ontario is working on something (digital), so looks like it will be provincial
  • Most likely because Health is provincially mandated

Interjurisdictional travel study results

  • Goal of the study: improve user success for interprovincial travel
  • Answers need to be better convey that the answer is on the provincial site, and not federal
  • Changes: Removed all advice from Canada.ca to encourage click-through
  • Compare picker between the Go button vs list of provinces
  • Results: 97% click through to province on prototype
  • List was slightly better than picker
  • Next steps: Travel page already live (Jan 29), and hope travel feedback volume will decrease
  • Going to break out the Vaccines roll-out page into two (prototype in progress)
  • Develop picker design patter with advice to use for long list or > 6 links

Cross-linkages with provinces/territories

  • Context: Finance got involved since the first lockdown happened
  • Goal: make easier access for Canadians
  • Economic Response Plan was the one stop shop response for all things finance
  • 30 million visitors since launched in March (30-40K per day)
  • Asked that provinces/territories verify their links are correct, can message Ricky for changes
  • ERP has been a very collaborative project, currently in it’s 15 iterations with testing/changes

Discussion item: Who has or is building a design system?

  • Long term planning: DTO manages guidance/templates for the Canda.ca design system

Notes and action items