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GAC experienced an outage on the Travel site on Jan. 21. They’ve set up a daily publishing window for travel updates until they can get it fully resolved.

Recent updates

  • January 31 Orders in Council
  • Exposure notices page is now focused only on cruise ships
  • Removed pre-departure test requirements for travellers coming to Canada on direct or indirect flights from India or Morocco

Updates coming soon

Rapid Testing Dashboard - HC

David Froom showed the mock up of the Rapid Testing distributed across Canada dashboard that is in development.

  • Includes functionality to allow users to select custom date ranges for the data
  • Data buckets:
    • Procurement
    • Shipped to provinces
    • Distributed directly to organizations
    • Distribution to provinces
  • You can download the whole data set
  • Still need to complete testing for accessibility and usability
  • Aiming to publish at the end of next week


  • Communications: Blog post about chatbots will be out in the next week on blog.canada.ca


  • Dr. Henry will be announcing the use of boosters for anyone 12+
  • Announcement about use of COVID treatment later today


  • Publishing a COVID dashboard at the end of this week
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GC Task Success Survey presentation - Peter Smith, DTO