Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/August 17 2021

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  • HC Reminder that Caretaker Convention is now in place due to the upcoming election
    • all important health and safety messaging will continue to be updated with timely information
  • DTO For information purposes, new regional agencies New Prairie and Pacific regional area
    • Some of the financial supports (CERS, CEWS, CRCB, CRSB, CRB) are extended to October 23 , and content will be changed soon
  • Provincial/Territorial
    • BC: Prepping to start offering 3rd dose for select populations
    • Ontario: Paused reopening plans for now, and 3rd doses will happen for certain groups
    • Yukon: Still continuing to promote vaccination, including youth born in 2009 or earlier. Hoping to launch our 'living with Covid" document soon rather than renew our state of emergency that expires on 25 August.

Discussion items:

  • Still in the works is a national method for proof of vaccination (future state)
  • BC: Can either be mailed or print one for you for non-digital purposes
    • Working on app, can use the print out received at vaccination, and through a public-facing app that was developed for long term homes
  • Forward planning:
    • FPT common priorities / priorities for upcoming months - Susan will present at next meeting
      • Right now ensuring messaging on vaccination and travel is uniform
      • Preparing for life post pandemic but keeping an eye on if there is a fourth wave

Notes and action items