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(Français: Pilier du cadres des données) (Home Page: ISED Data Strategy)

What is the Data Framework Pillar?

The data framework pillar is one of the 6 pillars of the ISED Data Strategy. Understanding how data flows within ISED, including upholding the ethical treatment of sensitive and private information is essential to how data is managed and leverage. Data models, aligned to departmental priorities, will ensure standardization of key concepts and will result in high quality data for use at the enterprise level.

Initiatives of the Data Framework

Departmental Data Standards and Definitions:

Data Standards are a set of rules used to describe data in terms of both (1) format (statistical attributes) and (2) meaning (definition). They also help to ensure data quality, integrity, accuracy and consistency across different data assets.

Common Business Profile:

The Common Business Profile provides guidance on data standards related to identifying businesses and links GOC business data through probabilistic matching.