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Data Catalog

Data catalog is an organized service that allows users to centralize metadata and learn more about their data sources which help organizations achieve more values from their assets.

Following are some advantages to centralizing metadata:

  • Consistency and accuracy across the department/government
  • Better data congruency, quality and structure
  • Makes data easily accessible
  • Allow users to self-serve

Why Data Catalog

In an enterprise vision, we would like to minimize the number of data silos, get a faster access to what matters most, and function as a single source for better doing.
Data-driven culture empowers users with getting access to their data source. With this, the growing numbers of cloud applications, privacy regulations and security rules are making it more difficult to effectively secure and govern data

Therefor, a Data Catalog is needed to:

  • Spend less time searching for data and more time using it to gain insight
  • Have a better/safer access to data through governance. Departments have a hard time finding data and controlling who has access to it.
  • Reduce the cost of data redundancy and hoarding.
  • Better linkage between the technical value of metadata and the business value.

Data Catalog Architecture

List of Stakeholders

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Data Catalog Team

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